LMS, Analytics, & Assessment

End-to-end visibility & interaction for staff, students, and parents

The options for purchasing gadgets that teach STEM fundamentals is limitless and evergrowing, yet what they tend to lack is the ability to deliver flexible curriculum content to educators, and allow for student management and progress tracking for each classroom. In additional, STEM education isn’t just a one-time effort throughout the school year. If your organization is planning on running a year-round STEM initiative, it will require a tool that gives communication and insight to teachers, administrators, and parents. Talent Box does just this, with overviews on the macro level of districts and schools, to the micro level of classrooms and students.

See quick dashboards on student progress across all subjects your teaching, manage your classroom by assigning tracks to students, and dive a bit deeper to see how each classroom and student have progressed for each technology their learning.

Students learning STEM & Video Game Design using the Talent Box STEM Web App for analytics, LMS, and insight

Analytics & Insight

Track Dashboard

See your Talent Box Track Dashboard

Get a quick-view dashboard of all Tracks assigned to students, and see your usage at a birds-eye view for organization’s total volume, engagement, student progression, and more.

Track Analytics

Dive a bit deeper for specific track analytics and student progress. If they have questions, no problem – just pick up where they left off and see the content from their perspective.

Student Overview

Get an overview at the student-level with their achievement badges, project files, and student progress. Override automated features by taking manual actions like custom badge awarding.

STEM LMS & Assessment

Learning Management System

Manage your student roster from Talent Box LMS feature

Create student rosters for each track you teach, edit student account information, and manage active / inactive accounts

Self-Reflection & Assessment

Students submit user feedback and self-reflection during assessment and project submission

Students take short assessment for self-reflection upon submitting projects to teachers for approval of badge reward.

Project Review and Feedback

Teacher review and feedback in Talent Box's assessment feature

Teachers review project submission for requirements, and can elect to request for improvement, or approve for badge reward.