Personalized Learning Pathways & Student Portfolios

Connecting student interests with 21st century careers

It’s easy to recognize the need to fill the rapid growth of programmers, engineers, and other technology-based careers, yet the problem isn’t solely the lack of curriculum, but instead it’s how we present the curriculum to students at a young age. The solution to this is to start with exploration-based, bite-sized projects that are designed to spark curiosity in a fun-first environment. With Talent Box, we’ve developed curriculum that is interesting, engaging, and empowering; built to align with our mission to make STEM learning accessible to all.

In Talent Box, students (and teachers) can choose what they want to learn, and get rewarded as they embark upon their own unique learning path. Completing quests that align to predefined learning objectives trigger automated achievement badges showcase success in their portfolio. Through curriculum aligned with frameworks like Depth of Knowledge & Bloom’s Taxonomy, teachers turn from instructor, to coach, to mentor, as students utilize their knowledge and confidence to create projects with their own touch.

Student builds LEGO Robotics project with Talent Box STEM Learning Web Application

Student Portfolios

Each child’s accomplishments are acknowledged in a way that is motivating, lasting, and flexible through the use of badges. Badges are awarded when kids complete Tracks in specific technologies, and are also awarded for leveling-up in cross-disciplines, including secret unlockable badges! Our badges are compliant with the Mozilla OpenBadges standard, which means that the kids can take their virtual badges to any digital system that supports it, for as long as they want.



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