Programming with Java

Writing in a language that both humans and computers can understand—what we call computer programming—is a skill that pays off in many ways.  Not only can you write useful and entertaining programs, but it’s also an exercise in problem solving, systems thinking, and user experience design.  With this Talent Box curriculum, you’ll learn how to utilize Java, a professional programming language that became the standard bearer of the internet world in 1995 and has been widely used since.  Challenge yourself to code a game, an app, or a cool math simulation.

Students determine how to code and program actions using the Java computer language.
  • Why It Matters: Computer science, be it for business, service, or entertainment purposes, is one of the 21st century’s fastest developing career paths.  As a child approaches adolescence and beyond, the command and communication skills acquired through designing video games and intuitive computer applications are poised to blossom into more serious exploration of career options.  Beyond that, the practice of programming develops logic, problem solving, and collaboration skills.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Problem solving, logic and reasoning, design process, communication, collaboration, technical literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will gain knowledge and practice the application of skills and concepts in standard programming syntax, variables, and methods, as well as explore programming strategy, efficient algorithm design, and loops. (Recommended prerequisite: Programming with Scratch)
  • Recommended Technology: Java, Greenfoot, BlueJ
  • Recommended Ages: 10 and up