If you’ve ever wondered how they constructed that state-of-the-art sports stadium or how they might repair the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, then Architecture is the Talent Box curriculum for you.  Architecture is the art and practice of constructing buildings, and here you’ll learn how to realize two-dimensional plans as a three-dimensional space, familiarize yourself with functional flow, plan electrical and plumbing utilities, and explore different architectural styles using the interior design application, Sweet Home 3D.  Stop wondering and start building!

An Architecture student drafts floor plans for an interior design project using Sweet Home 3D software.
  • Why It Matters: We all need a place to live, work, rest, or play, right?
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Design process, productivity, flexibility, creativity, initiative, technical literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will draft/draw building plans, design/build functional rooms, experiment with real-life physics, and list/distinguish between various architectural and historical styles.
  • Recommended Technology: Sweet Home 3D
  • Recommended Ages: 7 and up