3D Design & Printing

3D Modeling, or creating a virtual, three-dimensional model of a physical object using specialized software, has become a vital part of the fields of engineering, architecture, animation, and virtual reality.  And 3D Printing, a technology mostly utilized in industry since the dawn of the decade, is now accessible to students, educators, and hobbyists alike in producing everything from chess sets to movie props.

With this curriculum in Talent Box, you’ll get an introduction to the world of 3D Design through both the modeling and printing platforms, utilizing intuitive, drag-and-drop programs like Tinkercad and Sculptris.  If you can imagine it, this is the place to learn the skills to make it come to life!

A student completes a project using 3D Design & Printing technology!
  • Why It Matters: In our modern world, 3D modeling and printing technologies have even found their way into medicine, toy production, and agriculture, opening up an array of career pathways for the technologically-inclined.  Whether you want to build a video game, concert hall, or life-altering prosthetic, 3D design provides the foundation.
  • 21st Century Skills Acquired: Creativity, critical thinking, productivity, technical and informational literacy
  • Learning Objectives: Students will familiarize themselves with concepts, aesthetics, and techniques related to three-dimensional space and modeling, as well as create a series of representational objects.
  • Recommended Technology: Tinkercad, Sculptris, Blender
  • Recommended Ages: 7 and up