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Learning About Logic Gates In Minecraft

The game of Minecraft has been exerting an irresistible pull on young players for nearly a decade now. Naturally, as parents we think “something this much fun can’t possibly be good for my kids!” We, and many other educators worldwide, [...]

STEM Learning with ISTE Standards

Computer Science is the new kid on the block, and sadly, she’s had a hard time getting enough study time with students. No one wants to kick out the old, but we can’t ignore the new. Is Computer Science really […]

How to put your technology investments to great use for better student learning

As educators, we’re all excited about the opportunity for students to learn 21st Century skills and STEM with new hardware and software technology. The possibilities are endless, but tech alone doesn’t get the job done – it takes great teachers, the right curriculum […]

What is Talent Box?

With 22 curriculum tracks and growing, TALENT BOX helps students start learning on day 1 and continue at their own pace. The personalized learning platform helps students stay on track throughout a course and allows teachers to view progress and intercede with […]