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Talent Box is a complete Project-Based Learning system to support your classroom, whether you’re a STEM veteran or an English teacher dabbling in engaging technology projects. Talent Box combines the best free and low-cost tools, direct how-to instruction, teacher materials, measurable assessment rubrics, automatic achievement badges, and authentic student portfolios to make this an easy task.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is the art of using sequences of still images to create movement on the screen, which can be done with simple, inexpensive equipment and a variety of computer platforms. In Talent Box, you will start with the fundamentals, such as simple scenes, basic story writing, character manipulation, staging, and walk cycles, and move on to more advanced concepts like post-production, gesture drawing, timing, overlapping action, detailed emotion, lighting, and color theory.


3D Modeling & Printing

Introduction to the world of 3D modeling and printing using a simple web-based tool: Tinkercad. Objects can be created by combining simple 3-dimensional geometric shapes with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Shapes can be printed or incorporated into other digital creations. If you can imagine it, you can model it.


Programming with Java

Computer programming is the art of writing in a language that both humans and computers can understand. In this Track, you will learn how to use Java, a professional programming language which has been used worldwide for several decades. Be prepared to challenge yourself to think like a computer as you complete games, apps, and mathematical simulations.

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We make it FUN!


Our brains learn best when we play, and Talent Box presents materials in playful, engaging way that “sticks”.

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  1. Variety of STEM projects involving math, arts, writing and storytelling, and history
  2. Lesson plans, estimated project times, levels, and easy assessment rubrics
  3. Student progress dashboard and roster
  4. Easy access to all student project files
  5. Student portfolios that grow with their skills
  6. Achievement badges that are fun yet meaningful
  7. Free training for administrators & teachers
  8. Professional Development through Empow Studios staff – the #1 STEM enrichment organization in Massachusetts

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Talent Box is used in classrooms, camps, and after-school programs.


Darren Nicholas

Headmaster of British International School of Boston
As teacher who knew little about LEGO Robotics prior to using Empow’s Talent Box, I was able to facilitate a 6 week skills lessons for 11-14 year old students. The interface is easy to navigate and the instructions are clear and concise and presented in a variety of forms. The step by step approach means that students are able to learn how to built and code in a self-directed way. Our students have found the content of Talent Box invaluable in their honing of the skills they will require for future life.

Matt Silverstein

Director of Operations, Empow Studios
Talent Box has been an incredible teaching tool for our team. It supports all of our classes, camps, and workshops. The kids love it, and our teachers rely on it day-in and day-out.

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Game design is the process of using programming and planning to craft clever, enjoyable, and thought-provoking experiences for others to play and learn. You will use Game Maker Studio, a block-based video game engine with scripting capabilities, to sculpt your own personalized 2-dimensional game and learn the fundamentals of coding. Once you get the basics, you can move up to using Unity, a powerful and popular 3d game engine, to create worlds of your own and expand your knowledge of the many parts of professional game development.

Minecraft offers a cornucopia of learning opportunities. In Talent Box, you will learn the funamentals of using Minecraft. You can then move on to more creative challenges, like making Stop Motion Animation videos, pixel art, architectural designs, and virtual circuits and mechanisms using Redstone. You will also learn more advanced Minecraft concepts like commands (often called “slash commands”), modding using MCreator, Redstone circuits, combine mechanisms together, and explore creative applications of your knowledge.

Robotics describes several disciplines of engineering, used to create tools and gadgets that improve our everyday lives and make the world a better place. In Talent Box you will use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to build annd program machines that can move, interact, and solve challenging real-life problems.

Digital audio is sound that has been recorded as or converted into digital form, where the sound wave of the audio signal is encoded as numerical samples in continuous sequence. Digital audio technology includes sound recording and reproduction using audio signals that have been encoded in digital form. In Talent Box you will learn how to work with tools like Mixcraft and Reaper to create sound.

Digital Animation is the art and craft of creating moving images on the computer. In Talent Box, you will learn the basic tools and techniques of creating a 2-dimensional animated video, and explore some of the time-tested principles of animation. Then you will move up to the more advanced techniques such as tweening, camera movement, timing, exaggeration, perspective, lighting, and story planning.

Computer programming is the art of writing in a language that both humans and computers can understand. In this Track you will use Scratch, a beginner-friendly, block-based language, to make fun games and animations. In the process, you will learn techniques and habits used by computer programmers around the world.

Architecture is the art and practice of constructing buildings. In this Track, learn how to discover the goals of your project, create a 3-dimensional space, understand functional flow, plan electrical and plumbing utilities, and explore different architectural styles.